Checking In: Stay Productive at Home

Hello, how's your day? Like most people who work from home, one of our main challenges is to stay productive. Almost three weeks into the community quarantine and it can be quite difficult to differentiate where the week ends and where it begins.

For some families, working from home has its own challenges especially if you have kids that you equally need to attend to. If you found yourself unproductive today, here are tips to help you catch up and improve on your productivity:


1. Logoff

It might seem odd that this is number one on our list, but since we can't leave our homes, our screen time has drastically increased as well. We still need to allow ourselves some downtime for work-from-home-life-at-home balance.

2. Write things down. 

To lessen your screen time and stop yourself from obsessing over work that's still in-progress (in-progress means it's the type of work that you can continue working on the next day) via your computer or through your phone, try the old school way of writing things down instead. 

3. Visualize how you would like your day the next day.

End your day by preparing for the next day, as the saying goes. In reality however, no matter how we prepare, nothing goes exactly as planned. Be aware of this and be open to changes and have some flexibility for the goals you set. 

4. Declutter your work area at home.

Make sure to start fresh by organizing and setting things in place either the night before or quickly before you start working. 

5. Set yourself in a good mood, with the right mindset.

Before you start working on a task, settle down first and get into your normal work routine as what you are used to when you were working in the office or as you were already doing if you were working from home. Whether it's drinking your favorite coffee, organizing your schedule for the day or watering your plant in the morning, make time for these routines.

6. Start with high-value work when you are most productive.

Some people work best early in the morning and some are more productive in the early afternoon. Schedule high-value and focus-intensive work during hours when you are most productive. Or if you really find it hard to focus on certain days, meditate every now and then and work in a quiet area. We also recommend you to try our Concentration Blended Essential Oil, which includes Rosemary, Pomelo and Nutmeg extracts to help you focus your mind and uplift your mood for a productive work-from-home day.





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