The #Dalgona Coffee Challenge

Make Coffee (or Non-Coffee) and Drink It Too

Before the community quarantine, a typical scene in cities across the world are people rushing into or casually meeting in coffee shops. 

Here comes COVID-19, and the need for social distancing, one of the hottest trends that emerged in South Korea earlier this year and had been recently trending across Instagram, TikTok, and Youtube in the past two weeks, is Dalgona iced coffee. 

While we miss going to our favorite coffee shops and since trying to get milk teas are also quite a challenge these days, we invite you to "make coffee (or non-coffee) and drink it too." There's no greater joy than whipping up a great tasting coffee and the satisfaction that follows. 

We're also a fan of coffee at Lemongrass House. We even have coffee for the skin. While you enjoy making coffee and drinking it at home, coffee can also be good for your skin. Coffee scrub can help release toxins, remove dead cells, and other skin impurities.

In case you haven't caught on yet, there are numerous tutorial videos out there. Just Google "how to make Dalgona coffee". It's really easy to make, and ingredients can be easily found at home: instant coffee powder, sugar, and milk. If you are not a coffee drinker, you may also find recipes for other alternatives (matcha, milo, milk tea) We'll leave you to discover it on your own.

Here are some videos we found:

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