Lavender Body & Massage Oil


Pure lavender essential oil

HOW TO USE: Carefully balanced hand blended massage oils are created by adding fragrant pure essential oils to nourishing, vitamin-rich sweet almond and jojoba base oils, suitable for a variety of skin types and uses. APPLY LIBERALLY DURING A MASSAGE. CAN ALSO BE USED ON DAMP SKIN AFTER A BATH OR SHOWER TO MOISTURISE. 


Lavender essential oil Jojoba oil, sweet almond oil, vitamin E

Lavender essential oil has many uses. The distinctive aroma appeals to people of all ages for emotional healing, and the physical uses of the oil range from assisting the treatment of mild burns to relieving the symptoms of headache.


  • Relief from pain and muscle joints.
  • Improve eczema.
  • Smell of lavender is potent for many types of bugs like mosquitos, midges, and moths.
  • Can treat acne.
  • Good for irritated skin.

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