It was the natural healing properties of Lemongrass that captivated and inspired Lemongrass House owners Bobby and Palita Duchowny. After years of learning the art of Aromatherapy in remote farms around the world, the couple established Lemongrass House in 1996.Lemongrass House in Phuket, Thailand

Thai Farmer

Lemongrass House is committed to developing specialized, eco-friendly products based on a deep understanding of natural ingredients and essential oils. A pioneer manufacturer and supplier of aromatherapy products to significant hotel spas in Thailand and around the world, the line has been known over the years for integrity, creativity, and quality.

Established 24 years ago in Phuket, Thailand, by founder Bobby Duchowny (Hollywood Film Executive turned Aromatherapist), the brand first began selling in the famous Chatuchak Markets in Bangkok.

Not long after, Lemongrass House was supplying UNICEF with its signature all-natural mosquito spray. Bobby was inspired to create a brand that was deeply rooted in an environmental commitment and incorporated pure ingredients sourced from sustainable resources.

Today, Lemongrass House has grown to become one of the leading spa and hotel suppliers in the world with products distributed in 28 countries and over 100 five and six-star hotels, including Amanpuri Phuket in Thailand, Constance Halaveli Resort in Maldives, Regal Hotel in Hong Kong and Movenpick Boracay in the Philippines.